The 10 million different types of treatments ...

1-Laser treatment

  3 or 4 days a week after school I would go to a Laser Treatment Clinic, which was not a pleasant experience . They would use a laser comb and put steroid creams on my scalp which would make my hair extremely greasy .This meant I couldn’t go out for the day after the treatment ,I would have to wear a cap to hide it.

 It was such a horrible dirty feeling in my hair also my scalp would itch and burn.

Over all it was a very uncomfortable experience and really not that great for my confidence.

2-The million blood tests..

I lost count of the amount of blood that was taken from me in that first year of losing my hair .Countless blood tests, checking for some kind of disease or malnutrition.In a way hoping there would be something wrong so they could fix it .Praying they would have a cure.Alas nothing.

The number of specialists I saw, doctors and dermatologists . For a few months I was nearly living in the hospital, seeing different doctors who all had a different opinion.

Another massive pain, the doctor told me to take what felt like 100 million nutrition tablets a day for my  immune system .

I was and still am so bad at taking pills,It’s an ordeal every time.

 3-Oxygen Treatment.

This treatment was supposed to increase blood flow and  give oxygen to the body which in turn would help with the stimulation of hair follicles.

This was probably my favorite treatment as it was incredibly random and utterly strange. The oxygen treatment was actually quite  fun.You sit in a room with an oxygen mask and are strapped into a seat which feels like you’re about to take off into space. I met a lot of interesting people when I started this treatment.,lots of people learning how- to deep- sea dive , learning how to hold their breath and get used to the  pressure change, people  who had problems with their lungs looking to build up their strength again,During the treatment your ears would pop and they would always give you sucky sweets.

God know if it worked,but I laughed my way through it.


Due to my early lack of understanding about Acupuncture and its benefits,I never liked it and didn’t really see it its value. (which is very different now and I look forward to trying it again)

I didn’t see it making any difference to my hair loss so I gave up on it quite quickly.

Another factor of this treatment which I disliked was the medicine I was given. Rabbit poo looking tablets which had to be taken 5 times daily that was supposed to help,needless to say I was not impressed.

Another element of the treatment was drawing blood to the scalp which was done through a wand type stick with spikes at the end. The process would involve tapping the spikes on your scalp to draw blood to increase circulation.

Me and my Mum called it the torture stick.

This didn’t last very long.


5-Different types of Therapy

During this time my mum wanted me to see a Physiologist .I tried out three different counselling techniques

A  CBT method of counselling, a general Councillor and a life coach. None really seemed to stick.I didn’t value the time and the process

              No matter what the treatment I was not ready to let myself feel.    

            I continued to block out the pain It was much easier that way.

But now after a few years  I go to a CBT and general counselor every couple of weeks to touch base and connect with myself .To ask questions in a safe environment. I find it extremely helpful


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