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In this podcast I spoke to my amazingly talented pal Katie Clarkson Hill. Katie is a actor Her credits include Guilt Grandchester Hobly City Trust me - upcoming new BBC TV series We speak about her curly hair journey from when she was a young girl growing up in Yorkshire to now. How much hair plays a role within her career. How hair can be such a defining feature. Waxing Femininity And the anxiety we all all have about going to the hair dressers! Hope you enjoy:) Thank you again @kt for coming to my bedroom for a Hairy Hangout #hairyhangout #thehairyspiel #hairfreebaby #hairychats Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EP#2 THE HAIRY SPIEL April Alexander This episode was such a pleasure. I got to speak to a strong, incredibly empowered and inspirational young woman. I came across April Alexander over Instagram; I saw her stunning natural hair and was blown away. To my surprise she was open to the idea of coming and sharing with me her hair journey. I wanted to learn and understand and educate myself on the culture and all aspects of black hair. In this episode we speak about Aprils journey growing up in Essex, how she weaved her way through the modelling industry, the politics of hair, the miss conceptions, the #donttouchmyhairmovment, self love, and the overall history of hair. I learnt a lot, I hope you do too.

THE HAIRY SPIEL #3 Nick Shand So this episode was very special and totally unexpected! Whilst on my Yoga Teacher training in Goa I met Nick  The universe acts in very weird and wonderful ways ... Turns out Nick has alopecia just like me! Out of all the Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world we happen to find ourselves together on a similar journey in the same place in the same month.... With nick we chat about life, his hair journey, what hair loss really feels like as a man and how we have both helped each other in many ways! Nick you’re a Legend. @keepityogi @nickshandphoto Thank you for chatting with me on our Saturday morning in sweltering hot Goa