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I’ll just start by saying good wigs are expensive.

Sadly with Alopecia and other hair loss conditions the NHS are not going to fork out a couple of grand per person.

Good real hair wigs are an investment if you can I would always get real hair as they are 10x better! You have to treat them with a lot of care and attention, if you do they can last a long time and look really great. (A good wig should last up to 8 months before it needs to be repaired because when the hair falls out its not coming back again).

Things you need to remember about wigs…

This hair does not get natural oils from your scalp so it can have the tendency to become dry very quickly. For the hair to look its best it always has to be well nourished, lots of hair masks, serums, good shampoo and conditioner are also a good investment.

Also if you have a light wig i.e. blonde or even light brown, I found having my hair stylist put fake roots in really helped! It makes your scalp pop underneath, who always has perfect roots?

I wear lace front wigs, they are the most natural and can be made to measure which fit my head perfectly, I also get to pick the colour style and the texture.

Always get a good stylist to give your wig a revamp, it needs to flow, have movement and blow in the wind naturally. Another tip is to get your stylist to thin the hair out, as most wigs come with too much hair.

I use different wigs for different occasions: for working out, holidays or the days I can not be bothered to use glue/tape my lace front wig on I wear off the shelf wigs. They are more generic, much cheaper and can look great with a good cut (opt for real hair if you can).

An off the shelf wig should last much longer than a lace front wig, as they are not as delicate and the hair doesn’t fall out as quickly!

Don’t be afraid to change up your wigs it can be very fun!

See link for me putting on my wigs and styling it.

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So here are my tips on eye brows.. It has taken me a very long time to master a good technique! For years I would have lob sided eyebrows that were the wrong color and wrong shape.

The worst part of my eyebrow journey was when they hadn’t all fallen out yet , so I had to fill in the gaps with pencil... which is very tricky and never looks right as the textures are so different. I  bleached them for a while to make it easy to play with them which helped slightly but the up keep was hellish. In hind sight shaving them off would have created a much more natural brow as I would of had an even playing field. As  you can imagine the idea of that was terrifying.

What you need in a Steady hand and  good  products.You need Products that have a thin end, that being a thin point on a eyebrow pencil or a thin angled brush for creating natural hair strokes.

I have also had my eyebrows micro bladed which did help for a while so I didn’t have to draw them on every day, but I found I was better and got the perfect shape when I did them myself. The Mirco-blading on my brows are now faded but they act as a very good stencil.

Watch my link to see how I do  it.

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This is what I currently use, with thin angled brush

Illamasque eyebrow Cake , Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Peincil






The main thing with eyelashes is the brand and type you are using.

You need to go for strip lash (not individuals because if you have no eyelashes they have nothing to bond too)

Thin lightweight lashes are key.

Make sure you buy a good strong glue and always have it in your makeup bag. Eyelashes have a mind of their own and can pop off at any time (a regular issue in my life).

DUO glue is the best.

When applying the glue, allow the glue to dry on the eyelash first, wait for it to become a little tacky and then place it on your eyelid.

See link underneath for video of me doing mine!

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Elyure Mutli Pack Naturals-020