Funny Stories :)

I remember going to an underage disco and whilst getting ready my bald man spray  ran out! (the brown spray that covers up patches,very common with men losing their hair)

So my beautiful friends helped me cover my patches up with eye shadow ,everything brown we could find ! We spent hours running around the house painting my head. I am sure it looked terrible! But  we all went out anyway .My friends always made me feel like it was ok, that I was just like them.

 That night  we got quite drunk in a field.(our favorite hang out in our youth) and it started to rain! Rain and Alopecia don’t go well together ... the gross brown spray started to come off  and my condition was becoming more and more noticeable. My wonderful friends saw this and made sure my hood was up all night!

We continued our night .Me just looking like I just robbed a bank!

Please share any funny stories you have :)

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