My first wig/Pros and cons of wigs

My first wig...

First of all the word wig. 

I hate it. I have always hated it. For nearly 7 years I refused to say it, I felt it was a horribly ugly word, only sick people or men who had lost their hair wore wigs, the word wig always had weight and never sat well with me.

Now I still dislike it, but it’s quicker to spell then hair piece ! So it will have no do until I come up with a new word.

After a while, I started getting used to my wigs and grew to love them as they looked so much better than my crappy fine hair before! I could have long amazing long hair! Any colour or style I wanted!

But it still didn’t change the feeling of insecurity about people finding out. and people questioning what was going on.

What comes along with that fear is being afraid of people getting to close to you, touching your hair, staring to closely at your hair or the ultimate fear of someone accidentally pulling it off or even worse on purpose. I still have a fear of strangers coming to close and asking questions and touching my hair,(wig)you become hypersensitive.

To this day what still make me uncomfortable is when people start chatting about hair /hairstyles, my heart rate rises and I will try and change the subject immediately for fear of them asking me where I get my hair cut or hair coloured.


1-Never  a bad hair day.

2-Any colour any style and texture any day of the week

3-When your roasting hot you can whip off your wig and be very cool very quickly

4-When you change your wig//hairstyle you change how you feel,so the beauty of it is it gives you the chance to explore different energies within yourself.


1-Wigs are hot, it’s like you are always wearing a hat and hats when working out are not very fun. 

2-The glue or the tape.It’s messy and sticky and can be a horrible feeling on your head. Also always having to have a bag full of wigs glues looking like a bit of a creep with double-sided tape in your purse everyday.

3-Roller coaster are not as fun if you wear wigs either are speedboats or jumping of rocks in water. Anything with major impact can be problematic, but as long as your prepared you can do anything to want to do.Just tape that wig down well!  

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