Daily hair Struggles/Essentials!

One of the Biggest annoyances of having Alopecia is that you always have to carry a bag with you...

You always have to be prepared. In my bag at any time, I have a very large "make -up bag" if I do not have this with me I will wake up looking like a little-tired alien. (lovely alien) but with no eyebrows and no eyelashes and very messy hair.

1: Hairbrush(wigs always need a brush)

2: Eyebrow pencil /eyebrow shadow and brush

3: Eyelash glue(they always pop off ) and eyeliner to line the lash before.

4:Wig tape/Wig glue ( you never know when you'll need a but extra)

This can sometimes lead to awkward conversations at airports or with friends" why on earth do you have double sided tape and glue in your handbag?"

Windy days can be problematic for hair sometimes , so in those winter months have a hat in your bag.

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