A turning point in my hair loss, when my career helped me find confidence and acceptance.

Then when I was 16 after a year of having Alopecia a very weird and wonderful thing happened in my life.

A top model scout Fiona Ellis from London came over to Ireland with Erin O" Connor to pick 12  girls to become part of a show, a modelling documentary show like  American next top model but more documentary style.The winner would get representation with a top modelling agency in London and the cover of Irish Image Magazine

 They found me somehow through my agency in Dublin (MORGAN)I thought I wouldn’t have a chance but surprisingly they wanted me ,I truly couldn’t believe it.

 This gave me a little bit of my Confidence back,as I thought I could never model again or possibly act on screen or be on TV again after my hair fell out.

Ellis didn’t have an issue with the fact that I wore wigs.The fact a woman who knew beauty and discovered models such as Erin O Connor and  many others said it didn’t matter, really helped my thinking about my hair loss.

                             Being a part of the show was a very special experience.

I ended up being runner-up. Throughout the show I told the Irish public about my hair loss, At first I didn’t want to do it but it turned out to be the best thing I ever could of done.

There was no more elephant in the room. People knew my full story; It was such a weight off my shoulders. I didn’t have to explain anymore.Or lie to anyone

I was shown support and love and so much care throughout that time

I continue to act on screen and model. It is my passion and fills me with life and excitement

I hope in some way this may show you, that in an industry that can be so based on your looks ,I somehow manage to get work and be accepted even though I have Alopecia and wear wigs and have no eyebrows or eyelashes . 



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