Sascha Luna Story

Sascha Luna


I wanted to share with you my story, my Alopecia Areata story.

I have had it a couple of times before, but only in small patches. Unfortunately,this time over 50% of my hair disappeared. The last month I’ve been wearing a wig, even though it is the most amazing wig, I just cannot get used to it...actually I hate it. With the recent heat wave it made me feel trapped and uncomfortable. It was time to take back control

Shaving my head was a world wind of emotions, one sec I felt like an empowered bad bitch and the next I felt like Britney Spears back in 07, but fuck that right? Anxiety is just conspiracy theories about ourselves right??

The only thing staring back at me now is the purest version on myself.

Even though I don’t really recognize her. I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or more myself,

Two weeks later I was ready to share my story.

This post I am trying to raise awareness .I am sure my hair will grow back soon, in the meantime I am putting a lot of work into being comfortable in my skin and redefining my femininity.



Now I wear a wig because I want to not because I need too!!


Plus with a face like this! Who needs hair!!

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