Weekend AM Interview

This was my second ever live interview.

When I do any live interviews I always wanna be as calm as possible,as I find them quite nerve wrecking!

This particular day didn’t start off so relaxing….

Me and my mum arrived at the wrong studio! My call time was 9.45 AM due to be on TV at 10.15 AM, we were on the completely other side of town! Me and my mum panicked! We thought we would miss the show!We found the right address eventually and drove like crazy people to the right studio!

I was met at the studio by the calmest studio producer she calmed me down straight away,she said it happens all the time.So after a quick cup of tea a glass of water and some powder put on my shining head I was good to go!

The hosts of the show Simon Delaney & Anna Daly were also amazing,They put me at ease straight away.It was the first interview were I felt truly relaxed.

Hope you guys enjoy!!

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